Some Spridget related, some not but all cool.
(owner/designer credit given when known)

This is a very trick latching system seen on a Bugeye at the 2002
British Field Meet in Palo Alto. Never saw the owner so I could ask questions.
The whole car was very clean and restored/modified quite nice.

Very clean with no external latches, uses a lever on the right side under the dash
to actuate. Brackets appear to have been fabricated but the spring and latch
look to be "off the shelf" items. The actuating lever is "fabed" or may be a
Street Rod type of item, I didn't get an up close look at it (Brian?).



My Sprite Rotisserie (not for barbecue!). I got the idea from this website





Looks unstable but is surprisingly well balanced, although I haven't tilted it yet!
 Yes, I will remove the wheels and suspension before I do that.