B. B. B. B. D. '08 San Juan Puerto Rico to San Francisco, California


This year we went on a 14-day cruise (our first) aboard RCI's Serenade of the Seas departing from San Juan, Puerto Rico April 19, 2008 with ports at Casa De Campo, Dominican Republic; Cartagena, Columbia; Panama Canal transit; Puntarenas, Costa Rica; Huatulco, Mexico; Acapulco, Mexico; Cabo San Lucas, Baja
then arriving in San Francisco, California on May 03, 2008.

Here's the intinerary map courtesy of Royal Caribbean along with a picture of the ship

Serenade of the Seas          Panama Canal Cruise Map

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This was our second time at the Panama Canal but our first full transit. As before the ship headed into Gatun Locks early in the morning. We didn't get up quite as early this time but waited until the announcement that we were entering the locks. That gave us an extra hour or two of sleep :)

A couple we met on Cruise Critic were in the Royal Suite and they arranged and hosted a great party for the canal transit (Thank you Patrick & Daryl!). It was a fully hosted party organized by the SOTS concierge Maritza. She brought hors d'oeuvres and "refreshments" served by one of our favorite bartenders, Arthur (also the concierge lounge bartender). Our hosts also arranged door prizes. It was a very nice event.

We (the five of us) had done the Gatun Locks before and were looking forward to the Pacific side locks. The cruise through Lake Gatun was slow and only interesting for a short time. We spent most of that time at the R.S. party. When went out on the forward deck for the passage through the Pedro Miguel and Miraflores Locks after passing under the New Millennium bridge and Bridge of the America's. The bridges were quite cool. We passed pretty close to them. The locks were interesting though not any more fascinating than the Gatun locks. We did see part of the construction of the new canal. It should interesting how long it takes without most of the hardships they had building the original back in the early 1900's. We did get official certificates as proof of our full transit.


Panama Canal History Museum - Photos, Documents, Books and Stories from the Panamacanal

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Entering Gatun Locks

Our tug

Lock markers

Close to the edge

Slow and steady

Scraping through

Yeah, we were up early

Watching the canal walls drift by

The line up on the upper deck

Our progress

Real close from this angle

Exiting Gatun

View from the Royal Suite balcony

Royal Suite party - Cruise Critic people

Royal Suite party - Cruise Critic people


Too cool (yeah right)

Jan and Jon - Enjoying the transit party

Kathy and Tim enjoying the transit party

View out to the Royal Suite balcony

Royal Suite tub and shower

Royal Suite shower

Teddy and his door prize

Welcome to my Royal Suite :)

Culebra Cut

Culebra Cut

Culebra Cut - The red dirt is part of the new canal construction

Culebra Cut

Entering Pablo Miguel locks

Pablo Miguel workers

Exiting Pablo Miguel - Port side

New Millennium bridge in distance

New Millennium bridge

New Millennium bridge

New Millennium bridge

New Millennium bridge

New Millennium bridge

A bowfull

Panama City

Coming up to Bridge of Americas

Atilla at the Sky bar

Bridge of the Americas

Bridge of the Americas

Bridge of the Americas

Bridge of the Americas

Passing under


Looking up

Looking back

Heading out to the Pacific

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Panama Canal, Panama

Canal Museum

Cruise Critic

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