B. B. O. S. B. TOUR '04


Next port was Puerto Limon Costa Rica. We planned an island and canal tour but part of our group decided not to go. Four of us wandered out later to find out that Willie, our driver was still waiting for us. After a little negotiating by Patti we headed out for an "abbreviated" tour (no canal). It was a great tour and Willie was a great guide.

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Banana Tree Forest

One of many Del Monte plantations

Workin' It!!

Willie (our driver) put Steve to work pulling a rack of banana bunches

Great Job!!


The bananas heading into the washing and packing shed.

Banana Tree

One tree produces only one bunch in 9 months then sprouts a "daughter" tree right next to the old tree and the process continues.

Playa Bonita

The waves looked pretty good here at least for body surfing.

Like my beach?

We came, we saw, we...

Bar Sloth

...saw a sloth. He was hanging out at the bar at Playa Bonita

Bar Sloth

He didn't move much but he did move.

Puerto Limon

The view from the hills above the city. Willie took us on a great tour of the area.


One of many cocoa plants by the side of the road.

"Damn Touritsas"

Look close, there is a monkey up in the tree. This was also off the side of the road. Willie spotted them. There were a few, this one was the closest.

"Look", "Where?", "There", "Huh?"

Looking for wildlife in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica

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