B. B. O. S. B. TOUR '04


Next "port" was the Panama Canal. We did dock in Cristobal for a few hours in the afternoon but the big attraction was going through the canal. It was a great experience even if we did get up at O Dark Thirty to witness it. It was worth the price of the whole cruise! horizontal rule


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Panamanian Sunrise

We got up at about 5:00 AM to check out the lock operation. We could have slept in a little but it was all worth it.

Getting Lighter

Almost there

Panama Tug

One of the tugs guiding us toward the canal


Beginning to enter the 1st lock.

Long View

They are hooking up the "mules" about this time. Forgot to get a picture of that. They actually throw cables to the ship from a rowboat!


The beginning of the "mule" tracks. These mules just guide the ships through the canal.


One of our four mules.

1st Lock

We're in the 1st lock and the gates are closing.

1st Lock Closed

This gate has a small "bridge" across (through?) it on the Gatun locks. The Miraflores locks (Pacific side) have a suspension bridge over the locks.


This Evergreen container ship was in the first lock on the parallel canal for almost the whole time it took for us to go all the way through.


What a sorry looking group :) A little coffee (w/Baileys!) helped wake us up for this experience. The experience itself kept us awake.

2nd Lock

2nd Lock


Our mule climbing the hill.

2nd Lock

This is a shot of the 2nd lock as it's beginning to fill.

2nd Lock

This is a shot of the 2nd lock totally full. Total time was about 15 minutes.


Another container ship entering behind us. You'll notice the Evergreen ship is still there.

Brilliance in Canal

Since we couldn't get off the ship (unless we did a tour) we bought some stock photo's of the Brilliiance going through.

Brilliance in Canal

Brilliance in Canal

Canal Wall

It's amazing this was completed in 1913 and it's still in operation in basically the same way as then.

Canal De Panama

A map in the lawn.

Gatun Locks

It is the 100th anniversary of the start of building the canal. This the main office at Gatun.

"Hey, that's my ship"

They have a grandstand set up for cruise passengers or anyone to watch ships going through.

Another View

Mule Motor

A motor for one of the mules. Guess it's waiting for refurb or it's just junk.

Mule Repair Facility

Don't know if they build or just repair here. The one on the left looks old and the one on the right looks brand new.

Lasso Practice

These guys were practicing throwing ropes (cables?) that get the tow cable from the mules to ships. They have to throw it as high as the bar while also hitting the target.

Starboard View

We went over to Ralph & Ted's balacony to get different view when we went back through in the afternoon.

Lotta Glass!

A view of the atreum from outside. Taken at the Cristobal pier. That was our only "port" time in Panama. A little shopping, a beer or two then back on the ship.


The outdoor restaurant at the pier.

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Panama Canal

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