B. B. O. S. B. TOUR '04


Next stop was Aruba in Orangestad. We docked at 7:00 AM and had didn't have to be back on board until 12:00 AM. We checked out the shopping and the "refreshments" on shore but we were saving our energy for the Kukoo Kunuku Paranda bar hopping tour. We met the bus on the dock at 5:00 PM which was a story in itself. horizontal rule


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Orangestad Harbor

Our arrival.

Downtown Orangestad

Everything was open here including the casinos. We hung out at the Mall for a drink. Nice very nice place. Of course we had to check out a casino.

Awww, How Cute!

Steve and Norma relaxing in the mall.

Kukoo Kunuku Bus

The Paranda Bar Hop Tour. This was the first bus we got on. We got kicked off though. Did our reputation reach to Aruba?

Kukoo Kunuku Bus

Before we got kicked off.

"Get off my bus!!!"

The Real Kukoo Kunuku Bus

This is the bus they let us on. It looked cooler anyway with all the graffitti on and in it. Thanks Lula!!

Aaay Paranda!!

Our Tour Guides

From Left: Steve and Ashley, our driver and "song & dance" leader; Hymie (Jaime?)& Melani. Between the music, maracas (sp?) and Steve's wild rides on the roundabouts we had a blast!

Sunset Toast

This was a really cool place. A lighthouse on the northwest tip of the island.

Mr Lees

After the toast they brought us to Mr Lees for dinner. Nice little banquet "house", average food.

"Let's Party"

The 1st bar we went to was "U Wanna Beer". Great name for a bar. Great little place too. Drink of the night was "Sex On The Bus". Pretty much just rum with splash of punch (any flavor).

Bar Dancing

Ashley & Crew got a few of the women to dance on the bar.

More Bar Dancing

Then they got a few guys to do YMCA on the bar. You may notice that Steve is up there (dead center). Bill was conveniently in the bathroom when they were "recruiting".

Shake Your Booty

The guys shakin' it


Steve is happy, until he had to give the firemans hat back :)

Ashley's Ass

Ashley handed out "first" drink tickets (only one free drink) and since the seats were full width she had to crawl over the seats to get to everyone.

The 2nd Bar

They got everyone dancing here at La Ronda. There were 4 buses full of people in this one. It took like 20-25 minutes to get our first drink. We got 2. It thinned out quick after the other 2 buses left.

Conga Line

Our Mascots

Tigger, Stretch Jr. and Ms Piggy. Stretch Jr was left by "Stretch" for Steve & Norma. He was in the same cabin the week before and they set it up via the Cruise Critic boards.

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Kukoo Kunuku

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