B. B. O. S. B. TOUR '04


Our first port was Georgetown Grand Cayman. Our big thing here was the Stingray City tour. We went with Capt. Bryan's (see link at bottom of page). It included the Stingray stop plus 2 other snorkeling areas to see other fish and flora. After the tour we did a little shopping. Very little as it turned out due to it being Sunday and almost everything was closed. They don't open up for just one ship.

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"We're Here!"

We arrive in Grand Cayman sunday morning. Not much activity.

GC Tendered

1st stop

Meeting place for our Stingray City adventure

On our way

Javid was our great guide.

"This Must Be The Place"

There were a lot of boats out there and this was on a Sunday.

Giant Portobello Mushrooms

They really do look like that. Patti described them as "slimy puppies". They do act like puppies swimming right up to you and bumping you. One even tried to climb up Norma. While not "tame" they are very habituated on people.

"No, Don't Try To Pick Him Up"

Bill holding a stingray. If you are calm they are calm. It was very interesting especially feeding them.

Stingray "Herd"

They were quite a few of them.

At Sea

1st Formal

Our group on the Formal night.

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Grand Cayman

Stingray City

Capt. Bryan's

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