B. B. O. S. B. TOUR '04


This year we went on a 10-day cruise (our first) aboard RCI's Brilliance of the Seas departing from Miami, FL March 19, 2004 with ports at Georgetown, Grand Cayman; Orangestad, Aruba and Port Limon, Costa Rica with a trip through the Panama Canal Gatun Locks (Atlantic side) then back to Miami.


This one we dubbed the B.B.O.S.B. (Baby Boomers On Spring Break) Tour since it was that time of year.

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Here's the intinerary map courtesy of Royal Caribbean along with a picture of the ship

image        Map

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This first page is pictures of Miami, some of the Brilliance and "people" shots.

Miami Hotel Balcony

View of a cigarette boat in the marina below.


Patti found a friend, or he found her.

Harbor View

The Nina, Pin... No that's not it. Actually RCI Brilliance, Majesty and an Olympic ship seized by someone, there were boats (CG?) surounding it earlier.


Having fun at Bayside in Miami


Our port balcony view

Muster Drill

At the bar no less. Luckily it wasn't open :)

1st drink onboard

It's open now!!

Cruise Critic people

Jeff, Sue, Judy and Bill

Main Pool

1st Pool Dance

1st night sunset

Another Sunset

Don't really remember when I took this.


View up the Centrum. The picture doesn't do it justice.


View of the elevators.


A view down through a window in the floor of the Crown & Anchor Lounge (also the cigar lounge) on deck 12.

Are we having fun yet?

A little photo op near the "Shoonahbah" (Schooner Bar, Boston pronunciation)

"Life Is Grand!"

Ralph enjoying the balcony while going through the Panama Canal

"Yes, It Is"

Ted enjoying the balcony while going through the Panama Canal.

Art Deco

Part of the Starquest Lounge. In the foregound is Naj the bartenders sculpture. Drinking and cameras can be a dangerous thing.


The Solarium is very nice on the Brilliance. We should have spent more time here.


Mini Me

Touching up the paint that was scraped off by the canal walls and the anchor.

Rock Wall

No, we didn't try it out.

Mini Golf

We did try out the 9 hole mini golf course. 40 mile per hour winds and a moving ship makes for an interesting golf experience.

"What Handicap?"

Bill and friend


Mike teeing off. He's a golf course manager back home.

"Say Cheesecake"

Last night dinner. Clockwise from left: Paula, Ted, Patti, Norma, Ralph, Mike, Steve, Bill.


One of our bartenders. He is from Panama and was new to the cruise (2 weeks?) but he was a real live wire. He was a "floater" so we saw him all over the ship.


She worked the "Schoonahbah" and was the best bartender on the ship. Very outgoing and always happy. She was moving up to Guest Services after this cruise. She will do well!


Our head waiter. She was very nice and attentive.

Our Waiters

Roland and Daniel. Daniel was also fairly new but did very well.


Sunrise over Miami on the last morning.

"Get off my ship!"

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Bayside Marketplace - Miami

Port of Miami - Fun Facts

Cruise Critic

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