Follow along on our Western Caribbean cruise aboard RCI's Grandeur of the Seas departing from New Orleans, LA April 26, 2003 with ports at Cozumel, Progresso and Key West, FL and back to N.O. on May 03,2003.

Thursday and Friday were at sea days and Thursday was the last formal night. Thursday we woke up late and just lounged around (recovering from KW!). We did have two parties during the day, one for FOD (Friends Of Dorothy) and then a cocktail party arranged by Rich.

We got back into our "sparklies" for dinner that night. Rich's group (less Rich who was not feeling well) wore Hawaiian shirts for their formal attire. It looked pretty cool with 20 or so people all dressed for luau while everyone else was in tuxes and evening dresses. After dinner the rest of us put comfy clothes back on and checked out the Grand Buffet.

Friday we did the same, just kicked back and relaxed. We did play the last Bingo game of the week. We didn't win the big prize ($7000 I think) but Patti did win $278.00! Made up for our (well, at least for Patti and I) casino losses. Steve and Norma did well in the casino over the week.

Friends of Dorothy

"Nice balcony, Steve"

John and Steve on Steve and Norma's "veranda".

"I'm soooo drunk"

Ralph enjoying himself in the "Schoonabah"

"Smile Fred"

Fred and Rich on Friday night.

Deanna & Henry

Rich's daughter and her boyfriend.

Bev & Liz

John & Deb

Mark & Robin

Mike & Teresa

Sylvia & Vicky

Voted "cutest couple" by Karl

Robin & Ben


Bill acting like a Bingo winner. Patti did win $278.00 though!! (Bill helped)

2nd Formal night

Part of the group on the "Titanic" staircase

Our table

Our servers

Zuzanna and Petronia (Asst. waiteress & waitress). They were great. Very efficient and Petronia loosened up by about the 3rd night.

Jerry our Head Waiter

The Grand Buffet

The Granduer in ice.

The Grand Buffet

Long shot

The Grand Buffet

The Not So Village People

The cruise staff's finest hour.


The cruise director Tom practicing as they head to the dance floor.


The Viking Crown dance floor was crowded with disco "divas".

We got into N.O. early so we sent our bags off to the airport and Steve, Norma, Patti and I (Bill) headed back into the French Quarter to find Bloody Mary's and do some shopping. We found both and then relaxed in Jackson Square for a while until it got too hot.

The pier Trolley station

Trolley ride

Calle Borbon

One of many street signs installed during the Spanish "era".


A mule mugging for the camera.

"Can we go home now?"

It was a long 10 days but we had a blast.

"You mean that church"

Jackson Square

"Say 'Jet Ski'!"

Steve & Norma looking 'chipper' for the camera.


Steve's Webshots

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