Follow along on our Western Caribbean cruise aboard RCI's Grandeur of the Seas departing from New Orleans, LA April 26, 2003 with ports at Cozumel, Progresso and Key West, FL and back to N.O. on May 03,2003.

We then headed on the Key West. We arrived about 12:00 pm (ship time, 1:00 pm EST) but because of customs weren't able to get off the ship until about 2:30. The good news is we didn't have to be back on until 4:00 am! I was looking forward to seeing sunset at Mallory Square or anywhere there was a view.

First on the list though was the Conch Train tour to check out Key West. It was a pretty cool tour and the guide was informative in spite of his "bad" jokes. The bad news is that after the tour it started pouring down rain. I mean it literally dumped for about an hour or more without let up. No sunset this trip! We made the best of it anyway (read: we got drunk!).

We were able to do the Duval Crawl, bar hopping down Duval. With the rain we didn't hit many places and it was more of a "stagger" and less of a "crawl" but we had fun. We made down to JB's Margaritaville for dinner (and a few more drinks!).

After JB's Ralph insisted we go to 801 Bourbon on Duval. They had a great show upstairs! Sorry, no pictures you'll have to check it for yourself. It was about midnight by that time (we did start at ~ 4:00PM!) so we headed back down Duval. It was pretty quiet except for a few people at the hot spots like Sloppy Joe's, Rick's, Fat Tuesday's, etc.

We got back on the ship for a nightcap at the "Schoonabah" and then to bed.

Key West

Key West

A wider shot of the pier

Gypsy chicken

These chickens are protected in the Conch Republic (aka: Key West).

More Gypsy chickens

A hen with her chicks

Key West house

The houses are really cool. There were a lot of restorations going on too.

Mile zero

The starting point of Highway 1. I don't know who those people are.

90 miles to Cuba

The southern most point in the U.S.

What a fashion statement!

It started pouring down rain right at the end of the Conch Train tour. We were stranded in a gift shop across from Billie's bar on Front St.

Raining in Key West

It's still better than being at work.

No sunset today!

Splish Splash

This is what we had to "wade" across to get to Billie's.

The Duval River

It was flooded for most of the day and night.

The gang at Rick's

"Hey, get your hand outta my face".

The gang at Rick's

"Say what!", "Have another Caribbean Breeze".

The gang at 218 Duval

This place was great even though it was flooded at the back. Guess they're used to it here.

"Ain't this fun!"

Jerry enjoying himself at JB's Margaritaville.

Saxy Guy

This band was pretty good, even if they were from Boston (LOL).

Key West
Clyde's Key West

Margaritaville Key West

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