DAY 4 - Discovery Cove Dolphin Experience

This was the highlight of our trip (Fantasy of Flight was close for me though) and was a perfect day.

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This is a beautiful park. About 10,000 acres and they only allow 1000 people per day. It has a couple of salt water snorkel lagoons and a fresh water river that flows around about one mile. You can swim/snorkel down the river and under a waterfall into an aviary where you can feed the birds.
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DCBillandbird.jpg (33454 bytes) A little bird told me so!!  This is the only aviary picture that was clear enough.

A sloth hanging on to her trainer  

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Check out Discovery Cove

Here we with Scarlet, our Dolphin. This was a fantastic experience!! They put about 6-8 people with each dolphin and 2 trainers. Along with petting her the trainers show you how to put the dolphin through various "behaviors" (tricks if wish). Then you grab on to her fins and she takes you for a ride. It was really amazing!

After Discovery Cove we went over to Downtown Disney. It's actually 3 areas; West End, kind of the kid's ride a game area; Pleasure Island, for the adults; Marketplace, you can buy just about anything Disney here. There are also many restaurants and resort hotels.

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This is just one store!!

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The Lego Sea Creature
The World of Disney store
DTDpattiatcafe.jpg (36777 bytes) Rainforest Cafe DTDbillatcafe.jpg (37899 bytes)

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