DAY 3 - Animal Kingdom and Disney MGM

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Animal Kingdom entrance. The Tree Of Life, It's not a real tree but is real wood. 100's (1000's?) of hours worth of hand carving! The Bugs Life 3D movie is shown within/under the tree.
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Entrance to Africa. Tigers. Bats in the trees! Crocs and a Tapir (yes it really looks like that). Monitor lizard and another shot of the Tiger.
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The Safari "ride". Not like Africa but as close as we'll probably get.

Patti with Chip and Dale. 

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We got a "Park-Hopper" pass so we could check out MGM on the same day. Along with the Tower of Terror ride we did "Millionaire". It was pretty neat even without Regis!!

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Hollywood Blvd. Sunset Blvd. New York set. Now I'm a metermaid!
MGMtowerofterror.jpg (46865 bytes) The Hollywood Tower of Terror. Pretty wild ride. You sit in an "elevator" and go up in the "elevator shaft" while they play audio and video of Twilight Zone episodes. Then you move over to the Tower and with a "click" it drops you in a freefall about 6-8 stories then brings you up till your weightless, then down again. It goes a few more times before it drops you down (slowly) to the bottom.
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