DAY 2 - Kermit Weeks Fantasy of Flight

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Fantasy of Flight is more than a museum. Most of the planes on the floor are flyable.
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The floor is a bit crowded! GeeBee in front of an F4F. The Winnie Mae. Gnome radial engine

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Hey I'm a pilot! (O.K co-pilot) The restoration shop. Big radial. Wall O' Allisons and other V's
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One of the 5 bays of really neat aiplanes waiting for resto. Kermit estimates he has almost 150 aircraft total. Kid getting wild in the Heli-Sim and George the alligator
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Kermit with the Bucker-Jungmeister. Kermit firing up. Me and Kermit (yes, I should learn to smile)
This place was like heaven to an aircraft fanatic. If you're interested in aircraft I highly recommend it.
For dinner that night we went to Sleuth's Mystery Dinner theater. It was a lot of fun! SleuthCast.jpg (37339 bytes)

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