Yamaha YZ400 ATC conversion  


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My wildest project. A 77 YZ400 and a complete ATC kit makes for one wicked sand dune climber.
It was very fast but didn't handle or jump very well. Built it one spring, took it to Pismo that summer, had a blast, sold it the next winter.
65 Ford F-100
My first truck. I traded the Pinto for it. 390 big block and 3 speed, mobile home (yes, the tornado magnets) rims & tires and lots of rust. It wasn't much but it was functional and I had fun with it while I had it. Didn't do any real upgrades to it. Sold it to help pay for the Mustang. Beater F100.JPG (35848 bytes)
83 Kawasaki GPZ 550  
My 83 Kawasaki GPZ 550. I saw it at the motorcycle show. They were closing them out and made a deal I couldn't refuse. I put a deposit down on it right there.

I talked a coworker into taking me up to the dealer the next day so I could take possession of my new toy.

These pictures are as purchased.


I modded it a little with a Yoshimura pipe, rejetted carbs, K&N replacement filter on the engine side. I had Metzeler rubber installed for a better connection to the tarmac.  I added some lower handlebars and foam grips. It was a blast to ride. Spent a lot of time on local back roads.
 Some time after the above picture was taken I was riding with some friends on a back road and went too hot into a an off camber sweeper, lost my head and ended up high siding. Both the bike and I were a little "tweaked" but were repaired. With both of us back to "normal" we performed just as before although I was a little more cautious.
 A year or so after I let a friend ride over to my place when I moved and although he assured me he could ride he didn't make through the first left turn. It was pretty light damage and he was unhurt. I rode it the rest of the way. I got it repaired and completely repainted by a mutual friend of ours. I change the striping to gray (vs black) and silver for a little different look. Now it looked good again but I decided it was time to unload it. Got a good price for it too!

88 Suzuki GSX600 Katana
My 88 Suzuki GSX600 Katana. Bought new after a year or so of no bike and having a buddy with a Honda CBR600. Except for the Kerker White Tip pipe, rejetted carbs and K&N it was stock. I just rode the hell out of it for a few years mostly with my CBR600 buddy. It is the only vehicle I've owned that's taken me to 130 MPH (so far!). Unfortunately time came that I needed some quick cash and I had to part with it. When I got some cash again I bought the Sprite (see Spridgets) and haven't had another bike since. Sometimes I really miss riding. The Sprite's close but just not the same.
The Camaro Gang :)       Snowbound 450SL

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Kevin, Ken, Alan and me with Alan's 68 Camaro. Doesn't that hair just scream 80's!  


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