Ditto Cruise

Catalina was very nice. Avalon is a very quaint little island town and reminded me in some ways of Key West. The Avalon Casino tour was very interesting. This is an amazing piece of architecture and construction. Wrigley spent his money well.

In Ensenada we went into town to pick up some gifts then went back to ship to lay by the pool. We've been to Ensenada enough times to have seen everything we want to see.

All in all we had a fun time, met some nice people and came back with a sunburn. What more can you ask for :)

Here's the intinerary map courtesy of Royal Caribbean along with a picture of the ship

Monarch of the Seas


Patti on our balcony

Old Town Trolley

Our trolley driver was "Frank, and I've always been Frank, and my navigator here is Charles Lin-Bear". We got to hear this at every stop.

Balboa Park

Balboa Park

Casa del Prado

Balboa Park

Museum of Art

Balboa Park

A long view of Speckels Organ Pavilion. The largest outdoor instrument weighing 100,000 lbs and containing 4518 pipes.

Balboa Park

The Art Institute & Mingei Museum

Balboa Park

Balboa Park

Balboa Park

Balboa Park

Petco Park

The trolley was moving fast so I took what I could

Petco Park

Very similar to SBC (AKA Pac Bell) Park here in San Francisco

Streetcar line

Coronado Bridge

The bridge to Coronado Island, which really isn't an island but a peninsula.

View of San Diego

from the Coronado Bridge

The Navy Fleet

The Del Coronado Hotel

This is the best view we could get from the trolley. Frank didn't stop or slow enough to see more.

Giant Tarantula

Patti wanted to check out the "Backyard Monsters" exhibit at the Natural History Museum. It was pretty cool even if it was geared more to kids.

Giant Tarantula

Watch out for those fangs

Giant Caterpillar

Giant Praying Mantis

Balboa Park Tree

A giant fig tree

Old Town

Old Town

Patti on the gangway

View of Monarch from pier

View of pier from the ship

Some of the many wooden ships at the pier. The steamship on the left is the Berkeley (as in Berkeley, CA). It used to ply the S.F. Bay.

F-18's on Coronado

F-18's on Coronado

Main runway

If you look close you can see the Hotel Del Coronado just beyond the end of the runway.

Interesting thing to name a ship

Avalon Casino

The amazing main dance "hall". Notice that there are no poles.

Casino Chandelier

The whole thing is cranked down semi-automatically with series of pulleys and gears to facilitate lightbulb changing. Amazing piece of engineering.

Casino Room

They actually had 6000 people in here once.

Casino & Monarch

Obligatory tourist shot

Soda bar

Part of the former 100 ft long soda fountain/bar

Bill & Friend

The bison in front of the museum is painted in Chicago Cubs colors. Wrigley who owned the Cubs actually flew the team out to Catalina for spring training for many years.

Avalon Bay

Avalon Bay

Avalon Bay


Looks like a postcard doesn't it?

Monarch view

Tile Mural

One of the many tile murals along the walkway to the casino. The Grumman Goose was a popular mode of transport to Catalina in the day.

Tile Mural

Catalina is known for their custom painted tiles. They're all over the town. Catalina is also known for the Bison or Buffalo brought over for a movie shoot and never removed.

Drivers Ed Golf Cart

I guess they need to test how well people can drive them.

Monarch through the palms

Island View

The mansion in the upper left is the Wrigley house. It's painted in "Doublemint" colors.

B & B

Thought this was a Wrigley house. It's not. It is one of the oldest houses on the island though.

B & B & Fountain

Formal night

This is about as formal as we get on a 4 night cruise.


Leslie & Mary


Bill, Ron & Brian

Monarch Pool

Taken from the Viking Crown.

Viking Crown

What is it????

Our steward left this towel "animal" one night and we still can't figure out what it's supposed to be.

What is it????

Muscle-bound Swan???