Land Cruise Las Vegas 2005 April 3 - April 8

~~~~  Panoramic view of The Strip from the Voodoo Lounge on the 51st floor of Rio  ~~~~

Once again we got together with our cruise friends and did a "land" cruise. This time the BBOSB crew was unleashed on the neon city that never sleeps, Las Vegas. We also added another couple who may also join us on a future cruise or two (hint, hint).

We all stayed at Bally's which turned out to be a good location. It's kind of in the middle, especially since the Monorail has been running consistently. It was very convenient  and easy to use (except for our foray to Fremont St. which it doesn't go to).


We went up to the Voodoo Lounge to check out the view from their outdoor bar. You can see the whole Strip from here. It may look familiar to CSI fans. I believe they have used it in opening sequences.



A Float at Rio

The Rio Parade in The Sky

The famous and
infamous Binion's

Hanging out in "Venice"


Steve & Bill rode Speed the Ride @ Sahara. Very fast!

Inside Paris


Munching down @ Paris Buffet. Are we hungry?!

Inside Paris view

Requisite tourist shot


The Fremont Street Experience. See what you missed Ralph!

The Monorail. It worked it out great for getting around. I highly recommend it!


The rain storm @ Aladdin's Desert Passage. It's hard to see when you're right there too.

Gee, doesn't it look just like Venice?

Ted @ Ralph @ the Bally's pool bar

All pictures below courtesy of Sandy & Joanie, Thanks!


Steve & Patti in the
Tequila Bar @ Bally's

More Tequila Bar
Ralph, Ted & Bill

Joanie & Norma

The gang @ the Bally's
pool bar


The Eiffel Tower @ Paris


Bellagio from the back

We're in Vegas Baby!


Oyster Bay bar @ Aladdin

Are we drunk yet?

Lovely decor isn't it?


Barbary Coast - Home of Fat Elvis

Our home for the week

Another shot of Bally's but look closely

Can't take these clowns anywhere


Stay tuned for our next adventure in October. Since it'll be fall I guess we'll be the BBOFB crew. Or just another bunch of clowns loose on the Caribbean seas. See ya then!