Our Cruise friends came out to visit us for a week in September
so we dubbed it "Land Cruise 03"

Our Ports of Call were San Francisco (2 days), Old Town Sacramento
and Calistoga (including the Napa Wine Country) with one "at sea" day.

They're Here!!!

The Arrival

The Golden Gate

The Pride of S.F.


These guys were putting on an impromptu show

Who was this guy??!!

We're actually here!

Birds Eye View!

"I'm Ready For My Closeup"

Another view of the bridge

The Crookedest Street in the World

The Infamous Sea Lions

They really have taken over

Forbes Island

Bubba Gumps

Run Fooorrrest!!!!

Our Forrest interpretation

Life Is Like a.....

Ah, How Cute

Hey, wait that's my wife


Ralph having fun on California St.

Ah, How Cute, Part 2

Kan's Restaurant

An S.F. institution for almost 50 years. Excellent food!!!


A view down Grant


More Mercedes per capita? Actually it appeared to be a wedding reception.


Alcatraz building

Warden's house

At least what's left of it!

View down the main cellblock

Are we lost?

Joe's Crab Shack

on the water in Old Town Sacramento

It's very "busy"

The Fish Bowls

Giant drinks, How untypical of us :)

Isn't this fun!!

Rich and Ray


"Smile Norma" ... "Huh?"

Nuff said

The main pool at Roman Spa

Old Faithful Geyser

What an Urnhead

Beringer Winery

Beringer caves

Ted & Friends

The Beringer brothers

"MMM, not bad"

Grounds at Chandon

The Last Smoke!

The airport departure


I played around with Photoshop Elements panoramic feature on this view from Alcatraz. It could use more work.