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Sound Deadener installed  

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Rear Speaker Pods

Pods Installed

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Sub Box is temporary
until I get my
under-seat box built 

Alpine  CDA-7832





Painting with speckle paint

ID-8 installed

Installed under seat

Herbytruck Stereo Install    

Labor Day weekend 2K I decided to finally tackle my planned audio upgrade. I had been purchasing components and accessories for a couple of years in anticipation of this upgrade.

I had purchased and installed an Alpine CD head unit, CDA-7832 a few years ago. I followed this about a year later with JBL P622 "drop-in" speakers in the front doors. These have "point source" tweeters meaning they're mounted at the base of the woofer. They're also angled to allow for more optimum directioning. I tried to adapt some Q-Logic kick panels for 92-96 Fords but they weren't the same.

This was not bad but I wanted more. It needed more power and a subwoofer. Maybe some rear fill as well. The Alpine head unit has 3 4V pre-outs so it makes hook up easy.

The first step was to strip out the complete interior and apply sound deadening to all surfaces. I used a combination of Dynamat type mat (floor and flat surfaces) and about 10 cans of Cascade spray.

For rear fill I used JBL GTO402 4" coaxials and decided to build some speaker pods to aim the tweeters up away from the seat.

My amp rack idea limited the size of amp I could mount so I found a Soundstream P-205 5-channel amp that worked perfect. It is 35W x 4  and 70W x 1 in 4 ohm configuration (They claim it will run 2-ohm at 50Wx4 & 100Wx1). The other amp is a Legacy LA-120 at 30W x 2. This amp is for the Aura Bass Shakers I installed under the front seats. They add to the bass "feel".

The temporary subwoofer is a JC Whitney special 8" in a 10" x 10" x 4" box (about .2cf!). A "real" box is on the drawing board and I have purchased an Image Dynamics ID8 8" sub. The new box volume should be about .50 Ft³ to .75 Ft³ which is ideal for the ID8.

The Legacy will be soon replaced by a Soundstream Rubicon 102 that will be bridged and power the ID8. The sub channel on the P-205 will then power the Bass Shakers.

SEP 25, 2002: Time has past and ideas have changed. The Rubicon amp is out and the new plan is a new amp board, replacing the P205 with a JBL GTQ360 4 CH amp for the front and rear fill speakers and a JBL GTS180X 2 CH run in tri-mode to power the ID8 and the Bass Shakers (I also have a JBL GTS100X in case the tri-mode doesn't work out).

The sub box is cut and assembled but not ready for use yet (too many projects, not enough time!!). I also have some JBL P632 6.5 coaxials that will be converted to components to replace the P622's for the front stage.

Hopefully sometime this winter I'll get it all installed.

MAY 2003: Well it's almost summer '03 and it's still not installed. Too many other distractions. I have to get it done so I can do the Camry system! For another addition I bought an Alpine CHA-S604 6 disc CD Changer off e-bay. So now it will be an Alpine/JBL system except for the subs. Unless I use the JBL GT82D DVC 8" sub I bought! It may not work so well with the GTS180X amp though.

AUG 2004: It only took 4 years but I finally got the sub box together and in the truck. It came out pretty good and totally changed the bass. With only 70 W going to it right now and it thumps quite well. It helps that I used the Image Dynamics ID8 which is designed for small sealed boxes.

I used 5/8" MDF and it measures 31" x 10.5" x 5.5" (at the front) with a volume of  .53 Ft³. I decided to paint it with speckle finish instead of covering it with carpet. I figured since it was under the rear seat nobody can really see it. Besides I had the paint :)

I forgot to take pictures of it under construction but the first picture is of the template I made to get the space I had available. This is the reason I had to use an 8" sub. A 10" would be too big. The next pic is the cardboard mockup I made to test actual fit. The next pix are from painting to install.

The all JBL amp install has yet to happen but I may be able to get to it soon. I was going to start on the Camry but have to make some major design changes. The SO (it is her car) wants to be able to use the rear seat "pass through" so I'll have to come up with another idea.

The Alpine changer will be installed under the rear seat next to the box at the same time as the amp install. I may also redesign the rear speaker pods to mount some JBL 5x7's I picked up. They have swivel tweeters so I'd be able to mount them flush. They'll also be in an enclosure.

Well, I never did do the system upgrade. Sold the truck instead. Now I have a bunch of JBL amps I won't use for a while. Maybe I'll use them in another system project.

I'm already investing in the system for the Dak, my new Herbytruck! (The JBL's won't work)

Stay tuned.

System Specs

Alpine CDA-7832 - AM/FM CD, 35W/CH x 4, F/R/Sub 4V Preouts, Ai-NET, CD Shuttle control, Non-Fading Sub Woofer control


Alpine CHA-S604 - 6 disc CD changer


Soundstream P205 - 5 Channel, 35W x 4 & 70W x 1 @ 4Ω; 50W x 4 & 100W x 1 @ 2Ω


Legacy LA-120 - RMS 30W x 2 @ 4Ω (50W x 2 Max), 20Hz-35kHz FR


JBL P622 - Coaxial, 6.5" woofer with .75" titanium composite point source mounted tweeter, 45Hz-22kHz FR


JBL GTO422 - Coaxial, 4" woofer, .75" titanium composite tweeter, 65Hz-22kHz FR


Image Dynamics ID8 - 4Ω SVC, Fs, 38Hz, Vas, .98 Ft³ , Spl 88db, 150W RMS


Aura AST-1B-4 Bass Shakers - 25 watts RMS/35 watts max, Impedance: 4 ohms, Freq response: 20 to 100 Hz, Fs: 42 Hz