Haole's i ke Moana


This year's cruise was an 11 day aboard RCI's Serenade of the Seas departing from Honolulu, Hawaii October 5, 2006. We actually set out on the 6th because Kauai was dropped due to some conflict issue (probably with NCL) so we got an extra day in Honolulu. The ports we did hit were Maui (Lahaina overnight), Hilo & Kona (Big island) and then we had 5 days on the open Pacific finally pulling into port at Ensenada on October 16, 2006.

Then the bus ride L to San Diego so we could catch the plane home. That turned out to be a nightmare for some. We were lucky I guess.



After all the ports we had 5 days at sea. I thought it would seem long but it flew by quickly. It was nice not having to get up early to head into port so we spent a lot of time relaxing. Mostly we just chilled, ate and imbibed. It was actually very calming.

Matt Yee was entertaining on board at the piano in the Schooner Bar. We had never heard of him but those who have seen him just raved about him. After experiencing him the first night of the cruise we were hooked too! So much so that we saw him every night. He did what he called "The Late Night Adult Sing-Along Show" and taught us all "Ancient Hawaiian Songs". It was a total riot. He is very funny and we highly recommend checking him out. We all enjoyed being his cheerleaders and leading everyone in the "Oi". We are Matt Yee virgins no more.

We were also impressed with The Stingrays, Hot Lava and Rose Marie. The bar and lounge entertainment was all very good on this cruise.

We did partake in some activities and amenities. We played Trivia, some played Bingo. We all enjoyed Chops or Portofino's at least one night. Some dipped in the pool.

One night aboard was interesting. Apparently a guest had been suffering from a serious ailment but since we were about halfway between Hawaii and Mexico it was too far for a helicopter rescue. The alternate option was sending out a Coast Guard plane to drop blood and supplies in the ocean for a crew in a launch to retrieve. We all were glued to the windows and railings watching the whole operation. It went off without a hitch and the doctor was able to keep him stabilized until we reached Ensenada.

Unfortunately the sea days ended and we were docked in Ensenada for embarkation and the bus ride across the border to San Diego airport. Other than a rough ride and a confusing bus reboard on the US side of the border our ride went great. Others were not so lucky. We heard stories of bus accidents (nobody hurt), flat tires, drivers getting lost, etc. Many of the people heading to the east coast missed their flights and didn't get home for almost 24 hours! And that's actual travel time not including time changes.

All of the staff and crew were great and made for a fantastic cruise. We can't wait to do a "land cruise" to Hawaii. That will have to wait for awhile though, we have a few other cruise booked already. What can I say, we're cruise junkies :)



Serenade plaque

Say What!

The obligatory muster shot

Atrium light Show


Pope/Wegmann photos


The Serenade Solarium



Pope/Wegmann photos


The Bennett crew in the pool.

Just like family!

Sandy, Ralph, Norma Steve & Joanie

Pope/Wegmann photos

Norma & Steve

in their favorite cabin, 1100. Aft with a large balcony.

Pope/Wegmann photos


Bill & Steve at our usual haunt. Bill's holding up his Matt Yee Live CD.

The Hawaiian Dancer

Hey Norma where is your left hand!?

Damn we look good!

A real Cigar Aficionado picture :) Thanks to Ralph for idea of the white jackets.

Formal Night

The group looking sharp.

Formal Night

Ralph & Ted looking sharp.

Joanie & Sandy

A Drink at the Schooner before heading into Chops

Pope/Wegmann photos



Our fantastic waiter gettin' down.

Chris & Kato

We da kine, brau!!

Rose Marie and the Frozen Lady

She was the easy listening pianist.

"Hi Bob!"

Dori (senduaway on Cruise Critic) surprising Bob (VIP Cruiser on CC).

I'm a star!!

Attila singing the Hugarian Natiional Anthem. He did great for a "shy" guy.

What a Diva :)

Matt Yee in full diva mode. "Asian men are..."

New friends

Bill, Matt and Patti.

The FOD crew with Matt


Oi Oi

Oi Oi Oi


Eugene & Attila

Along with Jorge the were the best group of bartenders we've ever had on RCCL. We'll see these two again in May.

Making guests look silly

Attila, Steve, Norma & Eugene


Steve Bennett meet Steve Bennett. Steve (the bartender) we met at the pool bar the first day on board. It was too weird.


Jorge the Metalhead. Very cool bartender. We'll miss him when we sail Serenade in May.

The infamous buses :(

All ready and waiting.


The smiles are fake. Who would really smile at 6:30AM knowing there going on a 2 hour busride?


Shake it Hula-Kitty, shake it like a Polaroid picture!





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