Dakota R/T Audio Install




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X603 Amplifier





This is my latest audio install project (even though the Camry isn't done yet!). It has the factory Infinity six speaker system which though not bad is not audiophile quality. I don't know if my new system will be audiophile but at least it will have quality components.

I'm going with all Image Dynamics speakers, CXS62 Chameleon 2 ohm components for the front stage and CTX6 4 ohm 2-ways for rear fill. Handling the bass duties will be 2 IDQ10D2 V.2 10" 2 ohm dual voice coil subs mounted in a custom box that fits under the rear seat. See pictures at lower left. It is molded to the rear floor shape takes place of the factory tool tray. I estimated the box volume to be about .90 ft³ total without the sub displacement. An actual measurement of volume I discovered that the total is 1.18 ft³. With about .10 ft³ of sub displacement that should work out perfect. The IDQ10D2's are good down to .30 ft³ each in a sealed box. I will rout the speaker holes so the subs will fit flush or close to it. The box will be coated inside and outside (on the bottom) with sound deadener and stuffed with polyfill.

As you can see the sub box has an inset area for mounting an amp. It needs a little modification (widening, front to back) to house the Hifonics Z700 5 channel amp I originally purchased for the Camry. I'm also going to seal up the current speaker terminal holes. I'll install the new terminal (just one) inside the amp inset. I'll have to come up with a new place for the jack and tools since they will be evicted from their current home. I'm thinking something like a tool roll then stuff it under one of the front seats.

I'm keeping the stock head unit for now as it has some nice features including steering wheel controls. I can adapt the controls to a aftermarket head unit with an interface like from PAC or Soundgate but I also don't know what I want in a head unit yet. It will most likely be Alpine though with XM and iPod controls.

I plan to install the CXS62's first with the stock Infinity system then work on the sub box (pictured below) so I can install the rest of the system. I will have to install a line converter type interface like a PAC OEM-1/OEM-2 or a Soundgate LOC4.4 when using the stock head unit. NOTE: I procured a SoundGate XR4 (off e-bay) new unused for a decent price. This is a 4 channel interface with output level adjustment. I used the Navone on the Camry.

Update: The Hifonics Z700 is now out (sold on e-bay already!) and it it's place will be an Xtant 603X 3 channel 600W amp run with passive rear channels. I also have a X603 which is basically the same just a newer model. It does have a wider cover so it's a little tighter in the box. The sub box is now under reconstruction to accommodate one of them.

I picked up an Eclipse CD 7000 head unit and the iPod adapter (IPC-106). This HU has many great features. I really wanted the CD 7100 with the 8V pre-outs but I'll deal with the 5V ones since I only paid 1/3 the cost.

I made an other amp change late in the game. I ended up with a Rockford Fosgate P1000X5D 5 Channel 1000W total watt amp. 125W x 4 (2 ohm), 75W x 4 (4 ohm) + 300W x 1 (2 ohm), 500W x 1 (1 ohm) and D class amp. I am running the ID subs in 2 ohm total.






Install Updates


New baffle left, Stock speaker right


I finally have something installed. Half of the Image Dynamics CXS62 2 ohm components, the CX mids. One stock speaker was buzzing due to the cone separating from the frame. I glued it once and it lasted only 3 months. Decided it was time to mount the ID's in their place. Install went quite smooth. I had measured the mounting height of the stock speaker and found that with 3/4" MDF and the ID mounted on top (not recessed) it was damn close.

I had traced a cardboard pattern based on the stock speaker mount when I had the speaker out before. So now I traced it to the MDF. I made the mounting tabs a little bigger for a little reinforcement. Next I placed the ID upside down and centered it in the baffle and traced around it adding 1/8" in the diameter between the mounting tabs. After finding the center I cut out the hole speaker hole to the ID mounting diameter size then cut the outside shape. After a little sanding and drilling of mounting holes they were ready to install. I did one side first testing the fit at every step so the other side was a breeze. The whole install took about 3 hours. I used Metra speaker wire adapters to connect to the factory harness.  This will change when I get the full ID/Xtant system installed. Oh yeah, they sound sweet. I can't wait to get the NX30 tweets in.


 In 2013 I finally got to installing the rest of the audio system.

It started slowly in January with the reconstruction of the under seat sub box and modifying the factory tool tray. Just in case I wanted to change back to the stock tool tray I bought another one. I decided I wanted to put carpet on the top of the box so I stripped the bed liner coating off the top. Next was filling in the original speaker connection holes. After test fitting the ID subs I discovered they needed to be in a slightly different location. So instead of just filling in the holes I ended up routing out the area and installing a whole new piece on both sides. Many well placed screws and a judicious helping of Liquid Nails the sub locations were set and the other holes were sealed up.


Up next the amp rack needed enlarging to accommodate the planned amp and stiffening cap. I kept with same 5/8" MDF that the sub box top was made of. Once the box construction was done it was time to test fit the subs and amp. That done then I had to cut the tool tray to fit the box. Next was test fitting in the truck. This took a lot of trimming trial and error. Luckily more trial and less error. A good aerosol coating of sound deadener inside and the box was finished. All this done I went ahead and covered the top with carpet.

Now it was time for the serious install

In June of 2013 I started stripping out the interior to install sound deadener and run wiring. Being my daily driver this took some planning and forethought. I removed everything but the drivers seat. Over 2-3 week's I installed the sound deadening on evenings and weekends. Also in that time I laid in all the wiring and installed the front end crossovers. I still had the factory radio in so I had basic tunes with the ID mids only.

By mid July I had completed installing the sound deadener and laying the wires. I also installed the rear fill CTX6 speakers and the completed sub box. With the back of the cab done I installed the subs, amp and cap. I had already run the 1 gauge power wire through the firewall back to the sub box (Orange of course!). All the interior pieces, carpet and the seats were reinstalled.



The door panels were next up for the tweeter install. This actually went fairly quick and the interior was all back in once piece, Only one problem. No tunes.

Time for the head unit install.

Looks scary but was actually pretty straightforward.

With all the wires run the head unit install went pretty smooth. I used multiple Metra plug in adapters rather than cutting wires. I also installed the Eclipse IPC-106 adapter inside the front part of the console. I ran this into the ashtray that I modified to fit my 32GB iPod Classic. With the mods I can still close the ashtray for a stealth install. I took pictures but can't seem to find them now.

Finally in mid August everything was installed and powered up. Amazingly it all worked and nothing fried :)

I had purchased an Eclipse tuning mic (MEI-100) to set up the system. This was very helpful in tuning the system.

One of the other audio upgrades I made was a 200 amp alternator. With this I added a fused heavy duty cable from the alternator to the battery.

Sorry, No pics available The original bass control knob I installed under the dash didn't seem to work right. I finally found a Rockford Fosgate knob (# PLC2) that actually worked. I installed it on the side of the console between the drivers seat and the console. Close at hand and works perfect.
Sorry, No pics available I also purchased the Eclipse XM/Sirius satellite adapter (Ecl-Sc1) but never got around to installing it. The other item I never installed was a PAC adapter for the factory steering wheel audio controls.

All this went to the new owner (1/20/18).

No matter though. I enjoyed the hell out of the system for 4 years!