And other various car shows

2001 Hayward Field Meet



2002 Hayward Field Meet




Can you Believe a Big Block Ford in a Morris Minor!!

2002 British Field Meet at Palo Alto, CA



2003 British Field Meet at Dixon, CA

2003 British Field Meet at Palo Alto, CA

Didn't take much this year!!

Clockwise from left - DKW van, Facel Vega (no these aren't British bit definitely arcane), Lotus 7, Mini Woody

2003 Concours deElegance at Palo Alto, CA (Stanford)

Featured marques - Corvette and Bugatti

Not all British (actually just the 100M and the Lola T70) but all nice cars just the same.

2004 MOASF Hayward Field Meet

2004 Concours deElegance at Palo Alto, CA (Stanford)

A few British. The Saab is just for Chuck Christ. Very nice looking car.
The last 3 shots are the class I judged. The red Z-28 won class. It may not look it in the picture
but it was a pristine example (we don't judge to the point of "numbers matching" originality).

2005 Concours deElegance at Palo Alto, CA (Stanford)

The one that started it all. CSX2000

Early Logo

King of the Road

A real California style GT-350

Fins to left, Fins to the right

Just thought this looked unique and cool

Kaiser and Mini-Me

CHP really is progressive!

Rare Vector W2

Tractor display

1/2 scale Case

I wish I had a Tug like this when I was a ramp rat!

2006 British Field Meet at Palo Alto, CA

Very Red!!

Very Red interior

Row of Sprites

Spridget contingent

Cool color combo

Vintage Race ready!


MGB - Cool Color!

MG Arnolt

Morris Minor "Estate"

A Real Mini

Alfa Powered Morris Minor

Very clean install


Moggie Row

JAP powered Moggie


"Kiss a Frog"

Race Bentley


Cool Crosley

Cool Crosley engine

Hard to believe it's pressed steel and not cast

Rover Row

Always a big turnout

Lotus Elan

Elise Row

Lotus Cortina

Is that a BDA?

Sunbeams - Tigers and Alpines

Plus a Cortina GT MKII and Anglia


Commer camper

Reliant Robin

Yes, only 3 wheels and an all fiberglass body

Toyota 2000GT

GAZ Volga

The "finest" in Russian automobiles.

The last two are not British (obviously) but were part of the Arcane Auto Society display

Goodguys Get Together March 2007

Mopar Rally June 2007

2007 MOASF Hayward Field Meet