Follow along on our Western Caribbean cruise aboard RCI's Grandeur of the Seas departing from New Orleans, LA April 26, 2003 with ports at Cozumel, Progresso and Key West, FL and back to N.O. on May 03,2003.

We arrived in New Orleans (Nawlin's?) on Wednesday April 23 before the cruise. Patti and I had only been there for Mardi Gras (one of life's "must do's") and Norma and Steve had never been there so it was great to spend some time eating, drinking and shopping without the huge crowds. It was the start of Jazz Fest but the crowds were nothing like Mardi Gras!!

We were actually able to walk Bourbon St. and get into clubs and bars without a wait and into restaurants without much wait. We even got a courtyard table for 6 at Pat O'brien's Thursday night!! (thanks Patti ;-O)

Bourbon Street

It's pretty quiet compared to Mardi Gras.

Acme Oyster House

The food was fantastic!! Just one word, CRAWFISH!!! Sorry, not an oyster person.

Quarter architecture

Corner of St. Peter(?) and Bourbon.


Steve and Bill discussing the finer points of Hurricanes (the drink).

Street music

One of the many street performers in the Quarter.

"I am soooo drunk!"

Norma & Steve at Margaritaville in N.O. Norma imbibed in a few Hurricanes and a Jet Ski Killer that lived up to it's name.

Sally and Lee

Lee is Bill's dad. We met up at Margaritaville for dinner (and drinks!).

What a poser

Steve on the Canal St. streetcar.

The Hotel Monteleone

117 years old and still family owned and run.

The Hotel Monteleone

This view shows the new tower added in 1954.

The Carousel Bar

Installed in 1949, The bar and stools rotate at about 12 revolutions per hour.

Monteleone lobby

Very opulent. It's said that "the French Quarter begins" here.


The view as we sail away. Looks almost fake.

"Oh, Pool boy!"

Patti on our 'C' Suite balcony

"Yes, Maam"

Bill on our 'C' Suite balcony.

The Big Muddy?!

The Mississippi doing it's impression of the Missouri river.


A "wild" balloon above the pool bar.

Say Margarita!!

We really should take muster more seriously!

Are we having fun yet?

Ralph & Ted, RCI converts! "What's Princess?"

Sail away Salute

Fire boats on the Mississippi.


View from the pool deck.

Mississippi Sunset

Pilot boat

The Delta pilot boat heading back after picking up the pilot.

Grandeur Centrum

1st Formal Night

Patti & Bill

1st Formal Night

Norma & Steve

1st Formal Night

Ralph & Ted

1st Formal Night

Robin & Ben


1st port. View of the 4 mile long pier.


It's out there somewhere.

Progresso Pier

A view of the concrete part of the pier.


"Now ain't this the life". Rich, Bev, Liz (w/friend!), LeaAnn and Rick behind the pole.


Ted & Ralph relaxing.


Patti & Norma enjoying the shade and a "beverage" or two.


Ted & Ralph getting a mexican serenade.

"That's a big ass hat!"

Travis and his hat he bought from one of the ever present "vendors" roaming around. Also wearing his $1 Corona beer w/strap.

Steve and Bill making their way back from the beach.

Grandeur at Progresso

The blue arrow shows our balcony and the orange arrow shows Rich's "party" balcony. He adorned the rail outside his cabin with an orange boa and Mardi Gras beads (hard to see here).

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