(Oh yeah, We did a 7 day Eastern Caribbean cruise too!!)

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Nassau, Bahamas and last at sea day

Sailing into port at Nassau. It's fascinating to watch them "park" these ships. Our captain pulled it up almost to the dock pivoted 180 degrees and backed it in. The whole process took about 15-20 minutes. Amazing!
The famous (or infamous) water taxis. They really pack a lot of people into them which is why they sink occasionally.
Ours made it without incident on our way over to Atlantis. The guitar player was our "tour guide".
The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. This place is huge. The "link" in the center is a 5000 Sq Ft suite that goes for $25,000 per night. We overheard a guide say it was where Michael Jackson stays.
This is a beautiful resort. Along with the lagoons they have what is essentially an aquarium around the outside of the resort (center & right pictures) that is viewed from above and below.
A few of the sculptures inside the casino which is as big or bigger than any in Las Vegas. Group shot in the "Big Chair"
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The big Owners Horse Race. Grand prize of $1000!

We bid on and "won" a horse during the first at sea day. This also enters you in the Owners Race on the last at sea day competing for the Grand Prize. Horse racing is a big thing on cruises. People really get into it especially the owners. They take them to dinner and to many ship "functions". It's great to see the decorating evolve over the week.

Six of us went in as a consortium on horse #3 which was christened Diva, The Cross Dressing Stud.

The line up at the gate. Consortium members (and friends) Jay & Kathie. She did most of the decorating of Diva. As a costumer for stage productions she was well qualified and did a fantastic job. The other owners,
Norma & Steve with Diva.
Everyone getting their horses lined up and the "jockeys" (jockettes?) preparing.
Mark, the Cruise Director shaking up the dice to get them started. The horses "racing" down the track. The finish. Diva lost but we made a good effort.
The big winners! Even though we got beat we're glad it was the kids. We had a great time being part of it anyway.

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"Are we having fun yet"
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                                  (S. Bennett)

                  (S. Bennett)

                                   (S. Bennett)
Annice & Jon Patti & the "Hotel Manager" (actually Capt. Per)  at the Repeaters Party The Consortium, Kathie, Jay, Bill, Patti, Norma, Steve (Diva in the upper left corner.)
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Just a few of the towel "animals" that our cabin steward left for us. They're very creative.
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