(Oh yeah, We did a 7 day Eastern Caribbean cruise too!!)

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Philipsburg, St. Marteen, Dutch West Indies; Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

                 (S. Bennett)
Two countries in one island. The Dutch call it St. Maarten (actually Sint Maarten) and the French call it St. Martin. We docked on the Dutch side. We heard the hot place to go was "Everyt'ing Cool" so we made plans to meet up there. The third shot is of the ship from "Everyt'ing Cool". Nice place, right on the beach, great food, great drinks... You see the pattern developing. 
Our friends Norma & Steve and Patti & I soaking up sun and "refreshments". They make a great pulled pork sandwich. I think we spent most of the day there although we did do some shopping. Steve & I picked up some "Cuban" cigars to smoke on the ship (no I didn't smuggle  them back) Patti found a woman doing temporary tattoos (see pic above) and decided she wanted one.


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Our next stop was St. Thomas. Norma & Steve had rented a Jeep and we "tagged along". This island is definitely one we would like to go back to. I think I could live here (at least for awhile.)  I've heard St. John (just a 45 minute ferry/boat ride away) is great too.



 Charlotte Amalie Harbor. The four of us as we got off the ship. The ship in the harbor from Paradise Point (more details below)
Our first stop on our Jeep excursion was Magen's Bay. All I can say is the pictures came out great but they really don't do it justice. It's a beautiful beach. Steve & I spent a lot of time just standing in the water chatting and looking at the surrounding area while the fish nibbled our feet.

"What do you think? Could we live here?"

Zipping along through St. Thomas. Even though their cars are left hand drive they drive on the left hand side of the road. Steve handled it without any problems. Sapphire Beach on the east end of St. Thomas. An Iguana at Sapphire. Apparently they're very prevalent, they have signs all over warning not to feed them. We only saw this one who posed for us.
Duffy's Love Shack in Red Hook. It is the place to go to party on St. Thomas! They have drinks like a "Duffito Mojito", "Zoom Zoom Shooter" served in a race car shot glass and the "Shark Tank" a 64 oz. concoction served in a fish bowl! They have great "grub" too. Tyler, our host/bartender was great and we had a great time! Wide shot view of the harbor from Paradise Point. We drove the narrow winding road to the top. Steve proclaimed it a "Yee F****n Haw" ride. We all agreed.
This is how most people get to the top. Once up there we sampled some more "beverages". Their specialty is a Bushwacker. It looks and tastes like a milkshake with its whipped cream and nutmeg topping but its a creamy blend of 5 liqueurs. The birds at Paradise Point. We missed the show but we got our picture taken with them.
Long view out to sea. The two ships are the Norway (Norwegian) and the QE2 (Cunard). Looking up from the dock. It's a ways up there. Another view of the ship from the Point.

The Norway and the QE2 again

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