The More the Mariner Cruise'05

Best Western Cocoa Beach

Our pre-cruise hotel. Nice place and right on the beach. Nice pool bar too. Thanks, John!

Mai Tiki Bar

The well known bar at the end of Cocoa Beach pier.

Atlantic View

The Boys at Mai Tiki

Ralph, Ted (in cool blue shades) and Bill (looking "wistfully" off into to the Atlantic sea).

"I'm on vacation!!"

"Okay, so it's only been 2 months since my last cruise." Ted looking more relaxed.

Outside Dixie Crossroads

Bill, Steve and Norma checking out the fish and digesting the huge meal. Cool place to eat. The food and atmosphere are excellent. We highly recommend it.

The Cruise Critiques

Clockwise: Jason, Shane, Ameilia, Tracy (hidden behind Shane) Cindy (almost hidden), Kaitlin, Alan and Denice. We all had green wristbands thanks to Alan! He also set up this "Meet and Mingle". The guy in the green shirt in the right rear of thr picture is Paul from Tennesee. He's Millie and Kaitlins dad.

Sign in Fishlips. Nuff said

Actually the "Cruise Critic" kids were quite nice.More than can be said for some others on the ship. I think some kids should be kept on a leash. Can you tell we're "kid free" :)

"Say Cheesy"

The obligatory muster self portrait.

"We're moving!"

Ralph is happy as we sailaway. So are Norma and Ted but Ralph just hammed it up more. We enjoyed the sailaway from Steve and Norma's suite.

Sunset on the water

or is it sunrise...Hmmmmm

The Wig & Gavel

In the British pub on the promenade. Clockwise: Bill, Steve (is he happy?), Jason, Shane (Gee, do you think they're from Georgia?), Norma (actually smiling!), Ralph and Ted.

Our "little" group...

at Bolero's. We took up half the bar. We like the "Skoonabah" better.

"Smile honey"

Steve & Norma hamming it up while waiting for the St. John ferry.

Welcome to St. John

"Say Woody(s)"

The group at Woody's Seafood Saloon. Good food and drink and great little place. Get's pretty wild at night we hear.

St. John view

Puffy (our bus driver) stopped to let us take some scenic shots.

St. John view

St. Thomas in the distance

St. John view

Trunk Bay and beach

St. John view

Same beach different view. Doesn't just look like a postcard?

St. John view

Nice artistic shot of some islands beyond Trunk Bay.


Steve enjoying the warm water in Trunk Bay.

Hermit Crab

Of course Patti found the local wildlife.

Termite Nest

And you think your termites are bad!!

Duffy's Love Shack, St. Thomas

We went to Duffy's (and got leid!) after St. John. Well, we did have to wait out a rainstorm somewhere! That's Christopher and Randy in the straw hats.


Christopher and Randy enjoying themselves. No Randy does not wear an eyepatch, it came with his drink.

Coming soon, Speed III, Mariner!!!

Shot of the Mariner OTS at the dock in St.Marteen.

The Sunset Bar on St. Marteen

This was another nice place with good food and drink. Plus the beach, live music and an added bonus.

Sunset Bar

Another view with the water.

Yes, it's windy near the water.

Patti with her windblown look.


Gee, I wonder that means?


This is one of the reasons people come to Sunset Bar. It's right next to the airport approach. You can even listen to the ATC/Pilot "chatter". This is one of the smaller inter island planes.

Hell of an approach huh?

You can sit on the beach an watch planes come at you. Not quite an 'E' ticket but fun just the same.

American Airlines 737 approach

Gee, it looks so small out there.

American Airlines 737 approach

Okay, not so small.

American Airlines 737 approach

They actually fly 747's in and out of here! That would be an amazing sight!

"Did we have fun?"

On the St. Marteen water taxi ride back to the ship.

"I'm bigger, no I'm bigger!!"

Mariner OTS and Carnival Victory at St. Marteen.

"We make this look good!"

Jason and Shane in their "sparklies". They capped the look off with flip flops, in basic black of course.

Another sunset/sunrise

Hey, they all look the same in pictures right.

"I wish I may, I wish I might..."

I give you the moon and star.

"Yeah, another bar"

Bill at Ellingtons in the Viking Crown. That's Archie, one of our favorite bartenders.

Casino entrance

The floor of RCL's casino's are interesting. Same theme but always different.

The "Centrum"

Actually one end of the Promenade. This sculpture is actually a compass I believe.

The Promenade

The view down the length. It's pretty amazing but seems more like Vegas than a ship. The windows on the upper sides are actually inside cabins.

Another Promenade view

Johnny Rocket's

One of the alternative dining options on board. The food was quite good.

Sushi display at Jade

We're not sushi fans but it looked neat.

Ice Show

One of the highlights on the MOTS is the ice rink. They do a professional ice show twice a week. It's open to passengers at other times during the week.


Ralph and Bill enjoying a "moment".

"I got friends...."

Steve and his world singing debut at the Skoonah. He requested "Low Places" so the pianist gave him the mic. After his deer in the headlights moment and with Norma feeding him the lyrics he did quite well. Got a rousing applause after.

Our next ship, Serenade OTS in 06

Not sure why they had a model of the Serenade on the Mariner.

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