Here are a few projects that I would like to undertake at some point. They are both cars I have "lusted" after for many years. I would build "kit" versions as prices for originals have become astronomical. I would be afraid to drive such a vehicle on any public road and that's what these cars are for. Besides the "kits" available these days are very good quality and are reasonably easy to assemble.

I have always liked the Lotus Super 7 and it's derivatives. It's the ultimate (in my opinion) of a small lightweight sports car. It just proves that Colin Chapman had great designs, sometimes they just needed a little refinement.

The Caterham with the Ford Zetec engine (at left) is a great package, and it can be licensed in California.  It is the only fully Lotus endorsed and licensed manufacturer of the Seven and as such is the true evolution of the Seven brand.

Personally I would have to go for the Roadsport SV as after squeezing myself into the car in the picture I discovered I was a just a bit to tall (actually my legs are too long) to fit the standard cockpit.

AC Cobra. Not much else need be said.

The Factory Five kit is nice in that it uses the complete drivetrain from the 87-93 Mustang. There are others (ERA, Superformance) but this one is the most feasible to me both economically and in ease of assembly.

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