I have created this page as a tribute to my brother Dave

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I have created this page as a tribute to my brother Dave. His body left us in April of 2003 but his

spirit lives on in all the people and places he encountered in his short but full life here on earth.

Dave was just 31 when he left us but he packed as much life as possible into that time. He constantly challenged himself and encouraged others to do the same. An avid mountain climber, hiker and snowboarder he also was one of the few who enjoyed his profession as a carpenter/handyman and was working on his contractors license.

Dave was a true child of the earth and cherished the time he spent out amongst the mountains, deserts, lakes, rivers and trees. He was a fierce protector of the Redwoods and all open space. I think his favorite times were when he sharing the world around him with friends, new and old.

Below are part of Dave's legacy. Pictures of him enjoying life and the some of the people and places he crossed paths with in his many travels. There is truly a story in every photograph.

His greatest legacy though is his kind spirit that lives on in everyone of us he touched.

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Save the Redwoods
The Sierra Club

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Suicide Hotlines

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

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