(Oh yeah, We did a 7 day Eastern Caribbean cruise too!!)

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DAY 1 & 2 - MGM, Epcot & Downtown Disney

Bill's favorite Disney character, Tigger.  He was just bouncing around by himself outside "Millionaire".

1 & 2. Our first day we went to MGM Studios. Disney is celebrating 100 years of magic this year. We had 'Dan' take our picture in front of the sign (we took pictures of him and his family too).

Great flower display with the Brooms from Fantasia "pouring" the flowers out.

 We got the picture then went into "Millionaire" where Patti made it to the Hot Seat!!.(Sorry, no pictures allowed) When we came out the line for Tigger was a mile long!


Bill & Goofy (at the Back Lot Tour)

A "Walking Tank" from Star Wars outside Star Tours

A "Disneyized" water tank seen on the Back Lot Tour.

The "Empty Nest" house used for outside shots in the show. It's just a facade, there are no rooms inside.
Catastrophe Canyon, part of the Back Lot Tour tram ride. Actually kind of neat, the "road" underneath starts moving the tram, the tanker catches fire and water starts rushing torward you falling from the shelf above.

The workings behind the "show"

Looking down Hollywood Blvd. as the storm blows in. We got rained out of Fantasmic this night but got to see it the next night.
Walt Disney: One Man's Dream exhibit. He looks almost real. 1. Mickey being menaced by the dragon during Fantasmic. This is a great show and highly recommended. You have to see it to believe it.
2. Just thought this came out neat showing the colors of the show.
View of the Dolphin hotel from the Swan (our hotel). These hotels were designed by Michael Graves and are on Disney property but operated by Westin-Sheraton. A view of the lagoon and boat dock. Catch the boat to the parks and you don't have to drive anywhere. The inner lobby of the Dolphin.

These hotels are a fantastic place to stay!
Patti and Professor Phondelheinie Flapdoodle at the Boardwalk
General views of Epcot. The last shot is Canada "attraction" of World Showcase.
A topiary troll at Norway The World Showcase Players at England. They were very good. Must be a good gig too. These were the same people as last year. The Fife and Drum Corp at America. They drew a big crowd and got everyone to sing God Bless America. It almost brought tears to your eyes. One of the many fountains. This one is near Honey I Shrunk The Audience. It shoots a tube of water across to another "container" which shoots another water tube and so on. It's very cool to watch.

Another of Bill & Tigger (w/Piglet).

At Downtown Disney.




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