March 94 - June 05: 1990 Ford F-150 XLT Lariat

HerbytruckNew.JPG (48584 bytes) This is "HRBYTRK" as purchased in March of 94. Came with the shell, carpet kit and  Class 3 hitch W/electric brakes. Engine & trans is 302 and AOD. Wasn't exactly what I wanted (wrong color and no 351) but it was very close and low mileage, ~ 33K. Not bad for 4 years old. The guy was the original owner and only used it to tow his travel trailer. It also had a bench seat, does the job but not very comfortable.
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Along the way I've made changes (of course). I added an Alpine CD deck (see the audio system page) and upgraded the speakers.

You can see the Centerline wheels and Dunlop 235/70-15 tires. Truck is also lowered 2" with Eibach springs in front and shackles in rear. Bell Tech shocks all around. Some small oval fog lights fit perfect in the air dam. After cutting some holes of course.

What you can't see are the K&N filter, JBA headers, March underdrive pulleys and Dynomax exhaust.

I added a Brougham Aurora 3 piece front seat (2 buckets & a jump seat console) and dumped that awful bench. Got $50 for it a swap meet though. These seats are quite comfortable and also have bulb inflatable lumbar support. I also installed a seat lift kit on the rear seat. This was mainly for the planned sub box install.
10/01/00: Performed an audio system upgrade with Soundstream amps and JBL speakers added to the previously installed Alpine head unit. At the bottom of that page is the custom sub box with a Image Dynamics 8" sub that fits under the rear seat.

04/12/02: I found it was time to replace the exhaust system. I had a whole new cat back system put in at a local muffler shop, RPM Mufflers. It's 2.5 from the cat to the Flo-Pro muffler then 2.25 split tail pipe and out behind the tires via two chrome tips.
 See pics here,
Flo-Pro, Split, Tip.

I also added A Hypertech Power Module to the computer and a Caspers TPS throttle enhancer. The enhancer eliminates the stock hesitation when "nailing" the throttle. Works quite well! The Power Module also improved throttle response throughout the rpm range. The downside is that it now requires use of premium fuel. On the plus side it seems to have improved gas mileage about 1-2 MPG.

09/18/02: Installed 130A 3G (later Ford) Alternator. The old 70A 2G finally gave up. I'm glad I had the 3G on the bench ready to go. It was a very simple conversion with a little help. It took about 2 hours and I was taking my time. I ended up having to replace the belt tensioner as well so I didn't finish until the next day. It's nice to have the extra "juice".

That same week I replaced the 235/70-15 Dunlop Sport Rover GTX2's with 4 new 245/70-15 Yokohama Avid S/T's. The 245's are closer in diameter to the stock 235/75-15's so no more speedo mis-calibration. Plus they were cheaper and easier to get than the Dunlops.

12/24/03: It has finally flipped over 100K miles. Still runs the same. I didn't get a picture of the all the zeros as I was on the freeway at the time. I took one as soon as I got home though.
I did remove the Power Pulleys. I got tired of the dimming lights and the voltage gauge dropping at idle all the time especially with wipers and heater going. I haven't noticed any drastic power decrease.

6/21/05: After replacing the valve cover gaskets, hoses and a good detailing it was ready to sell. I put it up on craigslist and it sold to the first guy who came and looked at it. Can't beat that. Now on to HerbyTruck II.

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