Herbytoys bullet July 86 - March 94: 1986 Ford Ranger GT longbed

This is the first "toy" named HRBYTOY, my '86 Ranger GT. (1st year made)

10/86 My first new car! It was right off the truck complete with plastic seat covers and only 7 miles on it. I was the first non-Ford person to drive it. Traded in the Scirocco as a down payment and drove it away (after 6 hours of dealer games!).

Ranger_GT_new.JPG (58086 bytes)

All GT's came in black, white or red with burgundy interior only, all STX options (including the 2.9 V6) plus Mustang style seats w/power lumbar, blacked out exterior trim and 14 x 6 aluminum wheels.

My first addition was a Performance Covers "rail" tonneau cover. Next was vinyl front end cover (bra) to protect that black paint (little did I know that was the least of my worries).

RangerPreyes.jpg (55296 bytes)

Here's a shot at Point Reyes showing the tinted windows and the first lowering job as described below. The tint I did myself with a pre-cut kit. Came out okay with very few bubbles.

10/89: My additions/changes: Lowered in front by cutting about 2 coils off the stock springs and having the beams cold bent to align. The rear springs were de-arched to achieve a total 3-4 drop. I later added the 15 x 7 Centerline copies (Keystones) with 205/50-15 BFG Euro TA's which dropped it another inch all around.

RangerGT.JPG (48199 bytes)

Tinted windows, 250 W sound system with Alphasonik amps, Kenwood head unit and Pyle speakers and a glasspak muffler and Megs tip were added during this time. This truck had my first "real" audio system install. I put Pyle 5" mids in the doors (behind the upholstery for a stealth look), tweets in the dash (stock speaker location) and behind the seat 4 8" subs in a custom made box with an Alphasonik EQ in between them. The subs never really sounded good until I rebuilt the box front to house only 2 subs and removed the EQ. Airspace was only about .3 ft³ per side so with 2 subs per it was nowhere near optimum. I remounted the Kenwood and installed a half DIN EQ underneath it. The system sounded pretty decent after that.
Ranger Drop2.jpg (67254 bytes) Opposite side of above shot. You can see the tinted Wind Blasters. Nice but got annoying after awhile.

Ranger last.JPG (51136 bytes)

03/94 (Just days before it was sold, HRBYTRK in background). Rancho beams & stock coils (with 1 coil less), Rancho flip kit & 1" blocks for a 5-6 drop. Hella fog lights, S-10 factory air dam adapted to fit, Walker Dynomax muffler, all polyurethane front suspension bushings were added prior to this.

Yes, that is gray primer. That great Ford paint just faded and peeled no matter how much care I put into it. I didn't want to repaint it and the slammed ride was getting old (or maybe I was).

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