Fall 84 - November 85: 1963 Ford F-100 short bed "Integral"

My first "hot rod" engine swap, a '63 Ford F-100 Unibody. Bought it from repair shop lien sale for $350. Straight six, three on the tree. It came with the aluminum slot wheels shown.
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As purchased  

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I bought a wrecked '72 ('73?) Mustang off a kid from work. It had a slightly warmed over 351 Cleveland 4 barrel motor that was rebuilt by some friends of mine. I dropped it along with a C6 Trans in the truck using a special adapter mount from J.C Whitney , some custom made headers and part of the pipes and mufflers from the wrecked Mustang. It became one fast SOB and very squirrelly in the rain with the N50-15's and no weight in the back. All the other pieces I picked up at swap meets (Moroso covers & air cleaner, etc.) or from friends (the tires, thanks Ken). Parting out the Mustang helped pay for most of it. The most expensive item was the custom headers at like $250, almost as much as the truck.
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After Swap

F100 hotrod.JPG (59465 bytes)

I just about got the installation sorted when I had to move. It was a condo with no parking to speak of and rent was much higher so something had to go. I got about $1100 for it so I didn't do to bad. I did have a lot of plans for it though and almost wish I had it still.


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