June 73 - ? 78: 1953 Ford Victoria

On June 12, 1973 my father bought a 1953 Ford Victoria 2-door hardtop with a flathead V8 and Fordomatic.  He had one when he was younger and really liked it.  He thought this would be a great father/son project since I was interested in cars and would be of driving age in 2 years.  I thought it would be really cool.  The car wasn’t in bad shape but did not run and was in pieces.  Not quite a total basket case but close in my 14 year old eyes. Looking back on it and having seen and owned much worse I now realize it was a great starting point for restoration.

There was no rot and very little rust (floorboards, under trim, etc.). All the glass was there and in decent shape. Even the window rubber was decent. There was no major body damage or evidence of any past major damage. Some minor dent repair, clean up the surface rust and it would be ready for prep and paint. It was even the original paint, no multi layers to strip before prepping.

Although the interior upholstery was worn and torn the dash and all painted areas were in great shape and were still fairly glossy. A little polish and wax and it looked great. The floor was cleaned with a wire wheel (or two) and painted with Rustoleum. My father got the front a rear seats reupholstered but the door panels and carpets still needed replacing.

First Car.jpg (56878 bytes)

This picture is how the car looked when I sold it in '78 for about $150. Still with no engine or trans, incomplete interior, unfinished bodywork, etc.

Vicky Wish.jpg (10989 bytes)

This is what we were shooting for and what I would try for again should I find a good restorable or almost complete example.

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