"Herbytoy", any wheeled vehicle I get my hands on.



 "HRBYTOY", my personalized license plate first installed on my '86 Ranger GT.
I'm sure it will get transferred to whatever my current major "toy" project is.
It's currently attached to my 62 MK II Sprite.


I can never leave anything well enough alone. I have to put my stamp on it. To try to make them
somehow different from everything else on the road. Even
the "Family Camry" is not immune.

This web page is kind of a "diary" for all the past, current and
any future "Herbytoys" that make their way to my garage.


I hope you enjoy them as much as I do sharing them with you.


Just click on a project below to go to that page and follow along with my project history.  

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 I do take an occasional break from playing with my toys by going on cruises.
We've decided that it's the best way to see the world.
We do take an occasional "land" cruise too!

Click on the graphic below to go to the cruise page links.



 Below are my current "projects".


The current "HRBYTOY" and my latest "toy" project, a '62 MK II
 Austin Healey Sprite. Click on the Sprite pic above above for more info.


Purchased in 2001 to have a nice "driver" Sprite while still restoring my 63 and to give me something else to play with.

It's a 62 MK II (HAN6) with a DCOE Weber'ed 1275, nice BRG (British Racing Green) paint and Minilite style wheels.
(Left picture is as purchased, right picture is as of June 2005)

As usually happens with too many projects this has now become the only Sprite project
with the July 2010 sale of the 63 Sprite.

More pictures and info on the Spridgets page.




SPRIDG_DS.jpg (22050 bytes)



Honda Ridgeline RTL

After 14 years of the R/T I decided it was time for a change.

 I started out looking for an small SUV like maybe an RAV 4 or Subaru Forester. Reminded that we really need a truck I thought, well a Ridgeline is kind of an SUV with a bed.

Plus it's still an "RT". Well, actually an RTL.

                                         It's a 2010 RTL with Navigation, roof rack and running boards. The previous owner added a folding style tonneau cover from Bak Flip. Color is Polished Metal Metallic, basically gray with a bluish tint. These pictures were taken at the dealership the day I bought it.

Can you tell I bought it at Dublin Honda?!! Amazingly a great dealership transaction. Kudo's to them.

I've given up the HRBYTRK plates because I didn't want to pay the fee anymore.




I've already added LED headlight and yellow fog light bulbs.

The door courtesy lights and cargo bed lights have also been changed to LED. Also a few window decals to personalize it.

Future plans are fairly minimal. Borla exhaust, 20" wheels & tires (summer use) and possibly an audio upgrade.
Got around to installing my 22" bumper LED light bar. Not super bright but a great addition to the LED headlights.


After looking for 6 months or so I was able to find a set of 20" wheels I liked and fit the Ridgeline.

Liquid Metal Gen X, 20 x 8.5, 40mm offset. Tires are Falken STZ/5 in 255/50-20.

 I also found time to install the Borla exhaust I picked up a few months ago. Pretty easy install.

                                           I used new Honda rubber hangers and new nuts as well.

Out with the old...             
    .....And in with the new


Family Camry


The "Family Camry", our '98 LE that I upgraded with MR2 Wheels. I also added tinted windows and a factory in-dash 3-CD changer. Camry_in_Mountains.jpg (45160 bytes)  Future plans are 16" wheels, upgraded speakers and more power to the audio system, alarm and fog lights. Not much, just enough to make it little different from all the other Family Camrys out there.
04/01 Update: Have added a polished aluminum strut bar and a Viper 600 alarm. Purchased "takeoff" 16" Avalon wheels and now shopping for tires. camry16s.jpg (25819 bytes)
Camry16s2.jpg (23065 bytes) 06/02/01: Installed 205/55-16 Bridgestone RE950's and the Avalon wheels. Nice tires, quiet and help the Camry handle quite well.

The audio upgrade has been accomplished. The Hifonics Zeus Z700 5 channel amp is out and the Hifonics Warrior Eagle 200W 4 channel (@ 4Ω) was dumped in favor of an Audiobahn A4004T for the Orion Cobalt "drop-in" speakers w/3Ω voice coils(6.5 front & 6x9 rear). A Clarion SRV303 120W amplified subwoofer handles the bass notes. This change was made to allow use of the back seat pass thru. I augmented the bass with Aura Bass Shakers powered by an Audiobahn A2002T. All wire and connections are KnuKonceptz.

The Whiteline sway bars front & rear have been dropped from the list but the Hella foglights did get installed.

11/07: Installed 215/55-16 Michelin Primacy MXV's on the Avalon wheels. I wanted a little bigger tire although would have preferred a 50 series. The car does ride a little better though. JBL speakers (components up front) have replaced the Orions. The new subwoofer is done too. See the updates on the audio page.
08/11: The clear coat on the roof and trunk was flaking off and it looked like hell. Finally decided to get it painted. Went to MAACO. I know I shouldn't have but it came out decent. Good paint match (although too much metallic) and minimal orange peel.   With the new paint I decided it needed chrome wheels. Found a style that both my wife and I liked, Platinum Saber in the 16x7. Installed them on the 215/55-16 Michelin Primacy MXV's which still have good tread.


10/11: I decided it needed some clear lens lights. They look great. Still need to adjust them correctly.


05/18: Finally got around to fixing the strut bearing. Since the Camry now has 80K (in 20 years!!) I decided to just replace all 4 struts.

I picked up front and rear Monroe Easy Struts (comes with bearing hat and spring) from Rock Auto and installed them over the holiday weekend. It fixed the strut bearing rattle but created a new noise, a banging in the front end. Cured that next weekend after replacing the sway bar frame bushings (I already had some Moog ones in the parts bin).

I also modified the stock rear sway bar links with some modified Energy urethane bushings. Feels much tighter now.

Next up, A new set of tires. Got the new tires on. Milestar MS932 All Season 205/55/16's. Bought on Amazon then shipped to and installed by the local Sears Auto Center. Great deal all around. Too bad that option won't last long with all of the Sear's store closures.

The tires are great. Look good and ride nice. Installer said they are made by Continental. I haven't checked the Mfr code to confirm that yet however.




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